The Difference Between High Temperature Resistant Tape And Fiber Tape:
Apr 07 , 2020

High-temperature resistant tape products are divided into stripes, grids, rubber self-adhesive, etc., used as coil packaging and fixing, and used as the core, outer layer and wire insulation, household appliances, washing machines, refrigerators, metal, and wooden furniture and other products. package. A high-temperature resistant tape can be printed on the surface, and can effectively absorb resin and electrical insulation paint.

Features of glass fiber tape: plastic fiber-reinforced backing material, extremely high tensile strength, glass fiber tape has high abrasion resistance and moisture resistance, good shape, strong tensile strength, friction resistance, high-temperature resistance, solvent resistance, insulation, Fire resistance, and other characteristics, not easy to break, strong adhesion, perfect packaging effect and not easy to lose.

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