The Role Of High-strength Fiber Tape Self-adhesive Tape
Apr 07 , 2020

Uses: to repair drywall, gypsum board joints, cracks in various walls and other wall damage

Main performance: excellent alkali resistance, durable: high tensile strength and deformation resistance, crack resistance: no deterioration, no foam: excellent self-adhesion, no prior primer coating is required, quick use and easy construction

Specifications: 8 × 8.9 × 9 mesh / inch: 55-85 g / m2.

Width: 25-1 000 mm: Length: 10-153 meters.

Color: Usually white.

Construction method:

1. Keep the walls clean and dry.

2. Apply adhesive tape to the crack and squeeze it tightly.

3. Make sure the gap is covered with tape, then cut off the excess tape with a knife, and finally apply mortar.

4. Allow it to air dry, then lightly sand it with a construction hammer.

5. Fill enough paint to smooth the wall surface.

6. Cut off the leaked tape. Then, notice that all cracks have been properly repaired, and the surroundings of the joints are trimmed with fine composite materials to make them as clean as new.

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